How does Dora Dora hulp aan huis work?

Dora Dora hulp aan huis is a one-stop-shop, one complete online platform for matching households to screened helps. A few examples are cleaning lady, ironing lady, garden help, someone to help with little tasks around the house like putting desks together, ‘elderly’ buddy, cooking help, children- and annimal nanny’s. For just €13,95 per hour you have an experienced and screened help in your area. We selected independent helps in the Netherlands who offer their services under the circumstances of the regeling dienstverlening aan huis. Every help that signs up to our platform get a thorough screening, also you can rate the help after every appointment. This to give you the best experience.

Booking is very simple:

  1. Choose a service: fill out your place, choose your service and indicate how long you want the help to stay.
    2. Choose from the possible moments a date and time.
    3. Fill out your personal data, choose how many times per period you want the help to come by and send us your application.
    4. The moment your application is accepted you will recieve a conformation and the help will be with you on the requested date and time.
    5. You can start enjoying. You pay after the work is done by invoice or automatic collection. You can start enjoying. You pay after the work is done by invoice or automatic collection.

Which services do you offer?

Cleaning lady,Ironing lady, Garden help, Handyman, Cooking help, (Elderly) buddy, Babysitter and Animal nanny.

What are the costs per hour?

 You pay just €13,95 per hour. This includes 8% vacation allowence, vacation- and sickdays. You don’t pay anything the moment you register with us, you pay when the help has been to your house for the requested activities. (When we don’t find anyone that meets your wishes, you don’t pay anything) The moment the help starts with you, you will pay the hourly rate of €13,95. 

Can I apply for a help with PGB?

 At this time unfortunately it’s not possible to apply for a help with a PGB via Dora Dora hulp aan huis.

What can I do when I am not satisfied with the help or when there is no click

It can happen that you and the help don’t ‘click’ or you’re not satisfied about the help. With us, you always have the right for a new or replacement help if they are available. 

Can I get acquainted with the help on another day?

Of course it can occur that you can not be present when the help comes to work for you for the very first time. You can plan another day with the help for an introduction and for this there will be charged € 13.50 once.

How can you do that? A request with an introduction in advance?:
1. You apply for a request by the application system for the day that the assistance needs to be carried out. Please indicate at the remarks that you would like make a separate appointment for introduction in advance.
2. After the help has accepted the application, you will receive the contact details of the help. You can then contact the help to schedule a meeting. 

What’s a screened help?

 Every help we have here at Dora Dora has to go through a thorough screening before they can use our platform. While in the procedure to become a help we will discuss the work experience and motivation based on CV, we also give every help a test to test if they have the right knowledge. Good knowledge of the Dutch language is essential. The help also has to give us a certificate of good behavior (VOG). 

Do I have to be home when the help comes over?

We recommend to be home when the help comes over for the first time to get to know each other. It’s recommended to show him/her the house and give instructions. After that the help can work by him/herself, it’s not necessary that your home at that point. When you’re not home, please contact your help to discuss how he/she will get in.

How do I contact the help?

 The moment the help has confirmed your application, you will receive an e-mail with the contact details of the help.

What should I have so the work can perform his/her work?

 Click here to find a list of necessities to let the help perform the work as good as possible.

Are you offering both men and women for all services?

 Yes, all work can be done by both men and women, we do not make a distinction here. 

How does the application work?

 When you apply for a help, a request is send to a help in your area. The moment the help accepts the application you will receive the contact details of the help. This way you can contact the help if you would want that. In case the help can’t accept your application we will contact you as soon as possible to look for a proper solution. On the set date and time, the help will come over to perform the requested work. The help will let Dora Dora hulp aan huis know the hours he/she worked at the end of the month. You will receive an invoice that you can pay by bank or you can choose for automatic collection.

What is the ‘regelgeving dienstverlening aan huis’?

All the helps that are matched via the platform of Dora Dora work under the regelgeving dienstverlening aan huis. Read more about this here.

What’s the difference between Dora Dora and a cleaning company or home care organization?

 Dora Dora is not a cleaning company or home care organization, we are an online platform that matches private individuals with helps. We select the helps via an extensive procedure, this way we can find you a help that meets all your wishes and can work on the desired day and time. Besides that you and we can help a lot of private helps at work.

When you’ve decided to use a help via Dora Dora you want him/her to do the best job, but how can you make this possible?

1. Make sure you have all the necessities to perform the work. You can find a list of necessities here.

  1. Make sure it’s clear for you and the help what has to be done and how this should be done. You can write this down, that way you and the help can always see what you’ve agreed on.
  2. If there are objects that need extra attention or a special way of cleaning, communicate this towards the help. A few examples are allergies that you have, marble floors or wooden objects that need to be cleaned with special cleaning supplies, your hardstone counter that can’t be cleaned with bleach or other aggressive cleaning supplies.
  3. The more clear you are towards the help, the better the help can perform the requested tasks. Ask the help to put everything back where he/she found it after he/she is done, this prevents irritations. When you think the help knows it all, this is not always the case. He or she can perform the task maybe different then you would like to. We can’t accentuate enough that you have to tell the help what you want and how you would like it to be done.

Can I apply for a service of Dora Dora when I’m a company?

No, Dora Dora is a platform for private individuals. All the helps work via the regeling dienstverlening aan huis, this is the reason that the help can’t come over when you are a company.

Can I request for multiple assistants at one time?

You can not select multiple help / services in 1 single application. You must then submit a new request.

Can I provide my help a key to the house?

You can provide your help a key to the house. A lot of our customers do this when they have a continuous help. If you want, you can put up a key contract that you and the help both have to sign. You can find an example here.

I applied online, what happens next?

You will receive a conformation that we received your application. The moment the help has accepted your application, you will receive an e-mail with the contact details of the help. In rare occasions it happens that the help can’t accept your application for the requested date and/or time. In that case we will contact you as soon as possible to look for a proper solution. 

I didn’t receive an e-mail?

If you didn’t receive an e-mail, please contact Dora Dora. You can find our contact details here.

How long before I want an appointment do I have to apply?

You can apply until 3 days (72 hours) before you want a help.

Can I apply for a help for tomorrow?

 Unfortunately this is not possible. 

Does my help speak English?

Yes, most of the helps speak English.

How many hours is the minimum to apply for?

The minimum hours you can apply is 2 hours. 

On what days and times can I request a help?

  You can apply 24/7 via our website. The helps tell us at which days and times they would like to work. If there’s someone available in your area you will see this during the application.

One time, weekly or biweekly?

You can choose to have appointmenst for one time, every week or biweekly. When you choose to have an appointment every week or every other week, we will make sure you’ll have the same help every time. If an appointment doesn’t suite you, you can discuss another date with the help. You will only pay if the help has been with you. 

Do I have to provide the necessities?

Yes, you do have to provide the necessities. This can also mean you provide the financial means and that the help buys the stuff. You can find a list with recommended necessities here.  

What happens in case my help is sick?

 Usually you will deliberate with your help that he/she comes by on another day to work the requested hours. In case the help gets sick for a longer period of time, you can request a new help with us. This is for free.

My help goes on vacation, what do I do?

 When your help is going on vacation he/she will tell you. If you want, you can apply on the website for a one time help for the period the help is on vacation.

My help didn’t show up, what do I do?

In a rare occasion it can happen that the help doesn’t show up. Please contact the help by phone in that case. You can ask him/her what’s going on and schedule another appointment with him/her. In case you can’t solve it with the help, please contact us. 

If there is damage caused by the help, who is then liable?

You are required to ensure a safe working environment. If it occurs that the help does gets any damage despite your precautionary measures, you may indicate this in your liability insurance. We advise you to contact your insurance if you have questions about it. In addition, if the help may inadvertently damage your interior or other properties, this is covered by your liability.


When do I receive the invoice?

 You will receive the invoice on the beginning of the next month.

How do I pay the invoice?

 You can pay the invoice by bank to Dora Dora hulp aan huis or you can choose for an automatic collection. Cash payments are not possible.

Why a direct debit?

Dora Dora has a cashier function, which means we can not pay the help until you have paid. By working with direct debit, we can pay the help on one fixed day, so the help knows what he / she is in for and besides that it offers you convenience and security.

Can I pay my help with cash?

No, this is not possible.

Is it possible to receive the invoice per paper mail?

Yes, this is possible. We will charge €1,- postage cost per send invoice.

My invoice isn’t correct, what do I do?

When you’re invoice isn’t correct, please contact Dora Dora hulp aan huis. You can find our contact information here. 

How does the payment, registration of hours and sickdays work?

*The help will keep track of the worked hours.
*We will send you an invoice of the worked hours by e-mail every month.
*After you received the invoice you can check if everything is correct. If this isn’t the case, please contact Dora Dora.
*You’ll pay the invoice to Dora Dora by bank or automatic collection.
*The wage of the help includes 8% vacation allowance, travel cost, vacation- and sick days.
*In case of sickness or vacation we recommend that you deliberate with the help about another date to perform the activities. When this is not possible you won’t pay any cost when the help doesn’t perform the activities.  

How can I rate my help?

 After every appointment you will receive an e-mail to rate your help. 

What if the appointment can’t take place?

It can happen that the appointment can’t take place, you can deliberate this with the help. If this is your first appointment, you can contact the help to reschedule the appointment or cancel the appointment via Dora Dora. When you cancel within 48 hours before appointment takes place we have to charge you the booked hours to compensate the help. 

Is the work performed legal with IRS?

Yes. Dora Dora will inform the IRS at the end of the year of all the payments the helps got. 

Can I subtract the costs of the help of my income?

 You can subtract the costs for your help when you are not able to perform the activities yourself due to high age, sickness or a handicap. In that case you can use the regeling extra uitgaven (gezins)hulp. This regulation gives you the possibility to subtract the cost for the help from your income. This only counts for a certain income. Besides that you keep your right on PGB or social support from your town.